• How can I log in to the website? To login and use the website, enter your ID (e-mail address) and password (last 4 digits of your phone number) that you entered for registration.
  • Who can use the website? Anyone can use this website.
    However, Logging-in is necessary to participate events. Thank you for your active participation.
  • When can I register for participation? You may apply for participation between October 20 (Thu) and November 17 (Thu).
    How to apply: https://www.ssdc.kr/registration Enter the essential information and apply for participation
    Offline: On the event day visit the application desk at Multipurpose Hall in Seocho Office Building, SSDC Event hall
  • Is there an entry fee or restriction? This event is offered free of charge, and anyone can participate.
  • How do I confirm my registration? Once you register for participation, the completion of application is notified via e-mail automatically to the e-mail address that you enter.
  • When entering the venue, how is my registration checked? After registration for participation, show the registration confirmation e-mail that the help desk has sent at Multipurpose Hall in Seocho Office Building, SSDC Event hall. After a simple checking procedure, your SSDC 2022 Pass will then be issued.
  • I wrote the wrong email. How do I fix it? You cannot change the application information after it is entered in the system. Please re-register.
  • I'm going to Day1 (or Day2), so can I change it to Day2 (or Day1) and attend? You can modify the attendance date through https://www.ssdc.kr/mypage.
  • Can I issue a certificate of participation in the SSDC 2022 event? The SSDC 2022 event participation certificate can be issued through the download button of the participation certificate on My Page.
    *Only offline participants can download it. (Until November 25th)
  • What kind of event is Samsung Software Developer Conference 2022? To share Samsung Electronics’ software technology with external entities and individuals, and to promote exchange with developers in and out of the company, ‘Samsung Software Developer Conference’ is held both online and offline between November 15 (Tue) and November 16 (Wed) not just in the open source field but throughout overall fields of software finally 3 years after the previous event.
    The online event is held at https://ssdc.kr/, and the offline event is held at the Seocho office building of Samsung Electronics.
  • When and where is Samsung Software Developer Conference 2022 held? This year, SSDC 2022 is held at the Seocho office building of Samsung Electronics for 2 days (November 15 (Tue) and November 16 (Wed)).
    On November 17 (Thu), the internal event for executives and employees will be held.
  • At what time does Samsung Software Developer Conference 2022 start? It starts at 10 in the morning on November 15.
  • What kinds of programs are included in Samsung Software Developer Conference 2022? This event begins with the welcoming address by the vice president of Samsung Electronics, Han Jonghee, and the morning keynote on the 1st day. On the 2nd day, professor Kim Sanguk’s guest lecture will be presented.
    In the afternoon, renowned experts in each field will give presentations over various themes.
    In addition, a variety of online/offline events such as taking photos with G.NUSMAS, career consulting, community meet-up will be held.
  • Can we watch the keynotes and sessions again through the website? Yes. Keynotes and sessions will be made available through the website after the events end.
  • How can I attend sessions and participate in exhibition booths that I want? You can refer to time table uploaded on the official website and freely enjoy the sessions and the booths without any restriction.
  • Will the presentation material for sessions be provided? The presentation materials will be posted on the SSDC official website right before each session, therefore, you can read them while listening to the sessions.
  • When does the advance registration period ends? The advance registration period is from October 20 (Thu) to November 14 (Mon).
    It may end earlier since the event is on a first-come first-served basis.
  • How can I know the result of the advance registration event lottery? Event winners will be announced on November 25 (Fri). Gifticons will be sent after the lottery result is announced to the contact information of participants who registered in advance and agreed on the use of personal information. Prize gifts will be sent sequentially after the announcement via text messages.
  • How will the online presentations proceed in SSDC? Videos of the presentations will be provided on the SSDC official website on the date of the event. Videos of the first and second day will be released according to the timetable, and videos of the last day presentations will be available only for executives and employees of Samsung electronics upon log-in(AD SSO).
  • How can I watch the presentation video after the event? You can watch it by accessing the Replay page and clicking the VOD button for each session.
  • Do I have to register in advance to watch the presentation videos? No, the presentation videos are accessible to everyone. However, if do not register in advance, you might miss notifications for presentations schedule and event participation. Also, there are events for participants registered in advanced
  • Will lunch be provided? A lunch coupon will be provided, once you register at the registration desk.
  • Will Wifi and chargers be provided on-site? No, we are not providing free Wifi service and chargers provided.
  • Is parking available? Since there is no designated parking space for event participants, it is recommended to use public transportation.
  • Notice for filming and photography at the SSDC event Please note that photographs and videos will be taken at SSDC 2022 presentation sessions, booth programs, and others, on the day of the event. We ask for your understanding in advance that those photographs and videos may be used for marketing purposes.